Exclusive Video: “Hedda Aronssen” Plays AMBY A Song

Hedda Aronssen

Hedda Aronssen is a Norwegian singer-songwriter inspired by good pop music. In our feature with her last month, Hedda listed a few of her musical heroes as Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Susanne Sundfør. She also told AMBY that she "always appreciated a good lyric", which is rather funny because

Getting Cozy With: Hedda Aronssen

Hedda Aronssen

Heya AMBY readers! My name is Hedda Aronssen, and I’m from a little town in Norway called Stavern. At the moment we have loads of snow, and we just took out the Christmas tree. (..we take great pride in being the last ones every year.) I grew up singing, and learnt playing