Getting Cozy With: Folly Rae

Folly Rae

Hi lovelies! I'm Folly. I was born and raised in Hertfordshire, with Norwegian heritage.  I spent most of my younger years training to be a dancer before going to Music College. I got expelled from Music College and since then, I have decided to make only the music I love

You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Contact”

Pet Friends

Contact by Pet Friends AMBY got cozy with Hertfordshire four piece Pet Friends back in April and interviewed them on the release of their debut EP "I Don't Want Pet Friends" in July. Since then they've been back in the studio and return with their second EP Contact. Lead track Money showcases

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Pet Friends

Pet Friends

Pet Friends previously told AMBY they're "a four piece band who make music in a shed in Northwood". The band has released a collection of songs titled I Don't Want Pet Friends which features heartfelt songs with ringing guitars and fetching lyrics. Pet Friends create great music and cheeky interviews, so

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Crystal Seagulls

I love Twitter for one, main reason: it's a place to find these hidden, musical, indie gems. And one of these gems I've come across are glistening with talent. This gem is a crystal, to be exact! The London four piece called Crystal Seagulls have truly shined in my music library