“This Harbour” Play AMBY A Song!

This Harbour

Our friend Nathan Olmstead welcomes everyone into his world of This Harbour! That world includes some beautifully melodic and mellow songs, along with great harmonies and vocals you'll enjoy. This video also features Serra Jade's debut in This Harbour, so welcome her aboard and enjoy This Harbour as they play

Song of the Day: “The Working Man”

This Harbour

The Working Man by This Harbour! Our Song of the Day can be heard beneath or over on the left sidebar throughout AMBY. Enjoy! Band Links: Getting Cozy With // Facebook // Twitter // BandCamp // [bandcamp track=29658617  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti] Alicia Atout

Getting Cozy With… This Harbour!

Hey! This is Nathan from This Harbour. This Harbour are a group of musicians from the beautiful backdrop of Northern Ontario… North Bay if you really want to know. This Harbour started with me writing some songs in my dad’s office and deciding that I wanted to share them with