The Boondock Hippy: FREE Download

AMBY has been working a lot with The Boondock Hippy lately, and there's a reason behind this. The immense passion this group has is a real treat to admire when not only listening to them, but also seeing them play their music acoustically. I think this band has been featured

“The Boondock Hippy” Play AMBY A Song!

AMBY have created a new segment... Play AMBY A Song! This segment is where artists record themselves playing a song of theirs via video for AMBY’s viewers. We wanted to create a new segment where bands could be themselves, have fun, and also showcase their music. And we think watching

Getting Cozy With… The Boondock Hippy!

Hi there.... My name is Steve Keenlyside and I stay in London. Originally from the Shetland Islands; it was a great place for me growing up creatively as Music(mostly folk) and Art in particular; courses through the veins of every walk of life up there. I have been in a couple