Concert Review: Sufjan Stevens @ Massey Hall – Toronto

Sufjan Stevens

On Wednesday, April 29th, I made my way over to my favourite venue in the city for a well anticipated show: Sufjan Stevens at Massey Hall!  Having already seen Sufjan perform live at Massey Hall about 5 years back, I was excited to see what type of theatrics he’d have

Concert Review: Dan Mangan @ Massey Hall – Toronto

Dan Mangan

Dan Mangan capped the month of February, playing a sold-out show at Toronto’s Massey Hall on the 28th. Hayden opened the show, and at 9:44 PM, Mangan took the stage without a single word of introduction. He kicked things off the same way his newest album—Club Meds (2015)—starts, with “Offred”

Concert Review: Tori Amos @ Massey Hall

Tori Amos enchanted everyone at Massey Hall on Friday evening. It is truly difficult to describe one of the most influential musicians in my life – a woman who exudes such beauty, with such an array of traditional sound that pushes the boundaries of what we classify as music these