Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Citizens!

An Interview with Citizens! Their debut album Here We Are is a collection of fab, electro-pop and unique tunes. With catchy hooks, plunging bass lines, melodic vocals and synth you are dared to sing along to, this album makes for great listening. Not only has it been loved in my house, but also

Let Me Introduce You To… The Commuters

The band from New York want to showcase their alternative-rock music on a world-wide basis. With songs compiled of fetching hooks, inventive instrumentation and dark yet faithful lyrics, I can completely see the appeal. The Commuters have lived up to their name and have literally commuted through many different influences

You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Hold On”

Hold On by Alabama Shakes With the laid back drums establishing a comfortable pocket, the rest of the band kicks in with one of the most infectious intros I have heard in a long time. The bass sits firmly in the front pocket with the downbeat and the rhythm guitar sparsely

Let Me Introduce You To… The Slow Readers Club

Indie. Electronic. Music. The Slow Readers Club. The group from Manchester sport a unique sound. With three former members from the band Omerta, the band is comprised of four talented musicians who add one great characteristic to their music- depth. Every song of theirs has its own theme, whether it's the

Let Me Introduce You To… Bauer

You would expect something great to come from a band who have performed with Snow Patrol, The Ordinary Boys, Turin Brakes and Brendan Benson. Well, Bauer deliver on those expectations. The band display a lot of talent with the perfect balance between futuristic, breezy and serene tunes. If the soothing vocals