Getting Cozy With: King Colour

King Colour

Hey AMBY readers, we’re an indie rock foursome from Sydney, and when we’re not bashing each other up over beautiful girls at bars we’re making music. We started jamming sometime last year, about a year after we finished school together. After many band-bonding sessions and a lot of record-sharing, we

Getting Cozy With… Mt. Thelonious!

Mt. Thelonious

We are Mt. Thelonious, an acoustic trio from St. Louis, Missouri. You can describe our music as indie-folk-rock, but we don't mind getting a little weird from time to time! We released our debut self-titled album in July '13, and have been on and off the road over since. We've toured

Getting Cozy With… Silver Trees!

Silver Trees

What’s up AMBYers! We are the Nashville indie/folk band, Silver Trees, and the good people at A Music Blog, Yea? have given us this opportunity to get cozy with you! So Silver Trees actually started as a musical partnership between Nashville artists Paul J. Johnson (who wrote the songs and what you’re

Getting Cozy With… How to be Topp!

How To Be Topp

Hi! we're How to be Topp. We're a Brooklyn based band with members from Sri Lanka, El Salvador, Israel and even one from Brooklyn! We play music that is about as diverse as our backgrounds. Everything from folk to psychedelic rock. If you like Grizzly Bear, Devendra Banhart, The Band,

Getting Cozy With… More Trees Please!

More Trees Please

Hello there all you lovely people! We are More Trees Please a 90's Physch-Rock&Roll band from Manchester, England.  Forming in the last few months of our high-school lives we have been steadily developing our sound over the last few years, sampling influence from bands such as The Verve, Oasis, Black Rebel

“Winter in Toronto” Play AMBY A Song!

Winter in Toronto

Acoustic-folk duo Winter in Toronto have a knack for writing charmingly crafted, harmonious songs bursting with warmth. A Music Blog, Yea? got cozy with Winter in Toronto's Cameron Pickard and Ellis Mizen back in March. With the fall weather rolling in, there's no better time than now to familiarize yourself with

Getting Cozy With… HOT MODELS!


To whom it may concern, We are Hot Models, and sound a bit Garage, indie, lo-fi, surf rock? Who knows? We're a four-piece band from little old England, and at this time of writing, we're are still in our Demo days, making bed room recordings, and shuffling off in tiny cars to

Getting Cozy With… OtherPeoplesLives!


Hello everyone, We are OtherPeoplesLives - a collective of musicians and music producers based in Leeds, U.K. Our final form was found during the first sessions for our forthcoming debut E.P when Chris was engineering us as a four-piece, though the initial 'founding' was done between Peasey and James who spent quite

Getting Cozy With… NARCS!


A Brief History of NARCS NARCS are a 4-piece alt rock band from a small city on earth called Leeds. Despite being raised in the four corners of The North, they felt drawn together from birth and eventually collided in a small, damp basement underneath drummer Stanley’s house.  Sadly, after just