Getting Cozy With: Oceanic


Hello there Amby readers. I am from Copenhagen, Denmark and Oceanic is a new project of mine. I previously used the name E Bird and released an EP and an album. My first EP with Oceanic is called Rupture and is to be released on October 13th. The music is ramshackle

Getting Cozy With: Isobel Trigger

Isobel Trigger

Dear Canada, Right now we are on the highway from Vancouver to small town Gridnrod BC. We are setting out on our first major tour right now and we’re pretty darn jazzed. By the way, this note is a collective collaboration of the hive mind that is Isobel Trigger. Brett (guitarist,

Playlisted: Smooth Tracks


It's strange that a single song can take you in many directions. I wanted to start a playlist with a Rivalry song. I went through many versions until I settled on this one. Each track has a smoothness to it, from the instrumentals to the vocals. A truly incredible set