Gimme Your Answers 2: A Video Interview w/ Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg is one of the most charming songwriters out there. I instantly fell in love with his sincere lyricism and infectiously unique voice years back and it's always a pleasure and a laugh having him on AMBY. While touring through Toronto in support of his latest record Hearts That

Review: Cage the Elephant @ Rescue Rooms – Nottingham

Insane stage dives, crowd surfing, and an explosive onstage head banging display, Matt Shultz ensures that Cage the Elephant still carry that live flair. Screaming "fuck you" to Valentine's day, Shultz didn't hold back, soaring over the crowd during second number 'In One Ear'. Rolling into the mosh pit and shrieking

Review: Rat Boy, Zibra, and Trash @ The Bodega – Nottingham

They may have been a little late through sound check, but by the time Trash were rearing to go, a nice queue of people had begun flooding into Nottingham's Bodega to catch some of those sleazy trashy anthems the band have been churning out at a steady pace. If you're