Gimme Your Answers: A Video Interview w/ Japanese Breakfast

Japanese Breakfast

AMBY had the pleasure of speaking with Japanese Breakfast (better known to friends and family Michelle Zauner) when she last played Toronto in support of her latest record release Psychopomp. Dive into our interview as we talk about the record and discuss huge wigs, karaoke, being nerdy, soup incidents, and

Tour Manager’s Guide: Portland

Hi. My name is Danny. I’ve been touring with bands for some time and want to tell you about some of the places we’ve been. I know, I’m missing some important things from these cities but this is just what I’ve had time to see. If you have suggestions regarding

Getting Cozy With: Eddie Gomez

Eddie Gomez

Hello music lovers of Canada ! My name is Eddie Gomez a singer/songwriter from Portland, Oregon.  I'd like to think my music is very eclectic and well rounded, but if I had to narrow it down I would consider myself soul with a little bit of pop.  My influences range from Lauryn Hill, John

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Plug In Stereo

Plug In Stereo

Plug In Stereo is the moniker of Portland's Trevor Dahl, an eighteen year old multi-instrumentalist with a knack for writing heartwarming acoustic lyrics and melodies. In a recent interview, A Music Blog, Yea? was lucky enough to catch up with Trevor to discuss his lyricism, musical memories, Portlandians, and his

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ STRFKR


Back in February, Portland, Oregon's STRFKR's released their third studio album Miracle Mile; an album packed with fifteen songs of electronica-synthpop goodness. Being fans of the record (and the band's past two albums), we were delighted when we found out the quartet's Shawn Glassford would graciously take the time to answer

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Summer Cannibals

Summer Cannibals

Today Oregon's Summer Cannibals release their debut album No Makeup. This record explodes with rocking guitars, laid-back yet sexy vocals, and putty basslines. To celebrate the band's release, AMBY wants to share our awesome interview with everyone. Have a read as we spoke to Summer Cannibals about No Makeup, taking

You’ve GOT to Hear This: “II”

II by Unknown Mortal OrchestraAfter their terrific self-titled first album, Unknown Mortal Orchestra (also known as UMO), the band's much anticipated second album is simply named II. Don't let the seemingly obscure artwork and album titles fool you, though. If anything, judging a book by its cover here is not