Getting Cozy With… Penfold!

Hi we're Penfold, a five piece alt/rock band from Livingston in Scotland with an up-tempo anthemic sound. We (Calum More, Liam Innes, Thomas Fraser and Calum Sked) started off as a four piece in October 2011, but added our fifth and final member Steven Dunsmore in mid summer 2012 to

Penfold: FREE Download

Whoooo! Lucky people of AMBY, Livingston five-piece Penfold are sending out their energetic, rad tune Exactly How It Happened... for free! So get on it while you can, and download the stellar song below! Facebook // Twitter // BandCamp // [bandcamp album=1554381819  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=8a42bb size=venti] Alicia Atout

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013: Endless Playlist

AMBY has gathered a humungous cornucopia of new tracks for your ears to love! So we thought, "what's the best way to feature all of them?" In the end, we can never go wrong with a playlist! So have a listen to this new, endless playlist! (And yes, there is