Playlisted: Friday Night


I was a kid in the days of the humble cassette tape. I was also a kid in very rural Canada. So, my access to music came from the radio. On Friday nights I would stay up and record tracks on my trusty radio with my neat little cassettes. Why Friday? Because they

Playlisted: Smooth Tracks


It's strange that a single song can take you in many directions. I wanted to start a playlist with a Rivalry song. I went through many versions until I settled on this one. Each track has a smoothness to it, from the instrumentals to the vocals. A truly incredible set

Playlisted: All About the Vocals


Some days I'm all about the mood of a song, the lyrics, or just want to hear loud guitars. Today, I'm all about the vocals. I've featured here six female vocalists I have enormous respect for. The playlist touches upon many musical styles and hopefully will be a wonderful trip.

Playlisted: Rock N Roll Roots


This playlist came together during a snowstorm in February. Starting with a song that never fails to bring a smile to my face, I moved on to progressively higher tempo songs. By the end, I was rockin' and could care less about the miserable weather outside. Hopefully this can bring

Playlisted: Kicking it Off

I came up with this playlist late one night while drafting a proposal. These tunes can be classified as a healthy alternative to energy drinks. Enjoy, and remember, no need for moderation here! Lunchband- Beach Song Seattle Yacht Club- Same Old Questions Transition, Baby!- Grit Stirling- Club Table Queen The Harmonics-