“Pete Denton” from The Kooks

A Music Blog, Yea? is full of people who adore The Kooks' music. I absolutely love what Natalia did here: She drew this detailed, rad shot of their bassist Pete's playing, check it out! Alicia Atout

“Blaine Harrison” from Mystery Jets

A Music Blog, Yea? are Mystery Jets lovers! So when I saw Natalia's new portrait of Blaine Harrison, I couldn't help but post it right away. Also check out her sketch of Mystery Jets' William Rees here. Really love Mystery Jets? Take a look at this review of their fantastic album

“Mal Taylor” from The Chevin

Part three of the Chevin drawings! Natalia did a lovely sketch of their drummer Mal Taylor. The treat I mentioned yesterday? We have an interview with The Chevin which will be posted in the morning, so check in with us later! Alicia Atout

“Coyle Girelli” from The Chevin

Here's part two of the Chevin drawings! Enjoy Natalia's new sketch of their vocalist Coyle Girelli! Be sure to come back tomorrow to catch another one. We also have a little Chevin treat coming up which I'll let you know about tomorrow! Alicia Atout