Getting Cozy With: Daniel Fox

Daniel Fox

Hello, my name is Daniel Fox, I'm 19 years old and like to think of myself as a "songwriter who likes to sing". My influences are quite broad, from Australian indie acts like Angus And Julia Stone to more commercial artists like Ed Sheeran and Ben Howard, however I like

Getting Cozy With: I Am The Dice

Dear reader, We hope you enjoy our new song Runaway. The culmination of four minds, transferring sub conscious memories into music. For every time you've ever needed an exit route.... I am the Dice are: Mo Creasey, Steve Tanner, Dan Parker, and Rob Goemens. The rest is silence... Much love Dice x *** Facebook // Twitter // SoundCloud

Playlisted: Blown Away!


There is no shortage of good music around. On a daily basis I listen to many new artists. But, once in a while I come across a song that makes me sit back and say "wow!". Every song has something to offer. And, every song impacts people in different ways.