You’ve GOT to See This: “Just My Luck”

The Tennents

Just My Luck by The Tennents "Just My Luck" is the second single from Hull based four piece The Tennents, after a well received debut EP earlier this year. Already well known in their local music scene it could just be the track that kicks things up to national recognition for

Getting Cozy With… Ryan Smith!

Hi, I'm Ryan Smith from Columbus, Ohio.  Most people would probably say I'm a singer-songwriter.  At shows, it's just me with an acoustic guitar and maybe some harmonica.  Over a decade of making albums though, I've really tried to stretch my musical limits as much as possible.  Last year, I put

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Difference

Falkirk's The Difference are rockin' with lyrical attitude and gritty guitars. Recording their debut EP to be released later this month, AMBY wanted to catch up with the band to see what else has been keeping them busy. So come on soul shakers, check out our interview with The Difference