Getting Cozy With: White Fever

White Fever

Dear AMBY and readers. We are White Fever, a four piece dream-pop band based in east London. We like getting creative and making things like music, videos, artwork, props, costumes and visuals. We try to do everything ourselves from start to finish, and when we can't do it all ourselves we get

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Lenka


Musician, actress, and pop icon Lenka will be playing in Toronto at The Drake tomorrow night (July 24th). This Australian talent has welcomed fans with open arms into Lenkaland, and once you visit you won't want to leave; her world hugs you with an overwhelming admirable warmth and genuineness. With

Mega-Huge Playlist: Part Two

Remember this from Monday? "If you'd like to be featured on  for the first time or again, please RT/Like this! X" Well, there were so many brilliant bands who shared this status around, we just had to create this mega-epic-huge playlist to celebrate all the great music out there. The playlist