Getting Cozy With… Ben Wuyts!

Hey! We are a (currently) self titled four piece based in Berlin called Ben Wuyts – Featuring Ben (guitar & vocals), Matteo (bass), Phil (guitar), and Volker (drums). We have spent our first 4 months together playing some exciting shows around the city and trekking through the frozen urban wasteland to

Getting Cozy With… Ryan Jarvis!

I'm Ryan Jarvis, 18 year old singer songwriter from Manchester. Gigging constantly for the past two years, building up a small growing fan base as I go along, playing all round Manchester, Liverpool and greater Manchester in pubs and venues. Last year I was invited to support Glasvegas, in Liverpool

Getting Cozy With… John Pattison!

Hi! I'm John Pattison - a singer-songwriter from the North East of England who records music in his loft using an old eMac, an acoustic guitar and odd stuff like rustling paper and the tapping of my own thighs. I wanted to prove that you didn't need a vast network of

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Alistair Sheerin

It's a pleasure and delight to introduce everyone to Alistair Sheerin. With all the buzzing about NEXTBiGTHING group over the last few months, we are privileged to bring you the first NBT artist. This talented, young musician from Middlesbrough has been described as a "fucking genius" by Tom Clarke from The