Getting Cozy With: Theya


I am Theya, a 19 year old singer/songwriter from Somerset. I enjoy gigging with my lovely band at local venues and parties but i also love songwriting days and time in the studio working on new ideas and developing my songwriting. People often say ‘how does such a massive voice

“Tiny Tiny” Play AMBY A Song!

My favourite album of the year so far was released February, 16th. It's titled Gravity Works Her Magic and the musical genius behind the record is Kentucky's Tiny Tiny. I think it's safe to say that I've become obsessed with every note of this album, and there's a strong reasoning

Getting Cozy With… Tiny Tiny!

Hello Everyone. Boone from Tiny Tiny here, coming to you from the foothills of Southeastern Kentucky in the United States. Tiny Tiny started as a songwriting project for me after the bands that I was in fell apart about a year ago. If you are a person who celebrates the