Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Sound of Guns

Sound of Guns have been featured quite a few times on our website, and the reason behind that is because their music is extremely remarkable. When I was first introduced to the group, I knew they had something great going on. My love for their music only grew with each

Sound of Guns 3: Concert Review & Photos!

Sound of Guns Mini Tour: Last Stop– King Tuts Wah Wah Hut 02/12/12 There’s a reason Sound of Gun’s front man Andy Metcalfe’s not allowed to enter the crowd surfing contest the band set fans ahead of their sold out gig at Glasgow’s legendary King Tuts, quite simply the now seasoned pro

Sound of Guns 2: Concert Review & Photos!

Sound of Guns Mini Tour: Liverpool 01/12/12 The promise of not one, but two hometown shows had Sound of Guns fans traveling far and wide for this one, the first an afternoon acoustic session at Liverpool’s Leaf Tea Shop followed by a full headline set later that evening at nearby venue The

Sound of Guns: Concert Review & Photos!

Sound of Guns Mini Tour: First Stop- The Ruby Lounge Manchester 29/11/12 You can get that close to the stage in Manchester's The Ruby Lounge that you can touch it in fact you could even change the set list if you wanted to (yeah that might have actually happened!) Headline SOG gigs