Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Stillia


Ever since watching Stillia play alongside The Fallows at Warrington’s Parr Hall I’ve been keeping a close eye on the young indie rockers. Like any good band they’re chasing the dream of one day selling out arenas and with stellar tracks such as You Only Live Once under their belt

Getting Cozy With… Stillia!

Hi,We're Stillia a 4 piece Indie band from St Helens consisting of Jack Bennett Lead vocals/rhythm guitar Connor Moran Lead guitar harmonies/support vocals David Sarbutts Bass guitar/support vocals and Matty Bennett drums/support vocals. We have been together as a band since 2011 and met each other in high school. Our

Playlisted: Play it Again!


Some tracks beg to be played on repeat. In my daily listening I try to vary the artists and tracks I take in. But, it always happens that I arrive at a track that must be looped. After reviewing my recent favourites I've come up with this list of eight