Memento: Thank You Dirty Epics!

Dirty Epics

We'd just like to send out a massive thanks to our good friends Dirty Epics! Coming home to these made our day! If you haven't already, go follow/like the band to keep up with all their news. And also check out their latest record One-Way Mirror! They're an amazing group

You’ve GOT To See This: “Midnight Missing”

Dirty Epics

Midnight Missing by Dirty Epics After our video interview with Dirty Epics, we were extremely excited to see their music video for Midnight Missing. Now, it's finally released and we must share it with the world! So stop reading this, and get to the great video (and song) below! Video Interview // Facebook

Gimme Your Answers: A Video Interview w/ Dirty Epics

Their SoundCloud name says it all: Dirty Epics Rock. As soon as we heard their song Let's Be Alone, we wanted more! Now that time has come to get more with the release of the Dirty Epics' fabulous second album, One-Way Mirror. Luckily for me, the whole band graciously took