Memento: Autographed Bloc Party Ticket

Check out this FAN-tastic memento! [youtube] A Bloc Party ticket for their show at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto! Kele was extremely kind and signed it for me after their Sugar Beach gig! For more photos of Bloc Party, click here. Definitely go and check out an interview with Kele as well! Alicia Atout

Bloc Party: Concert Review, Interview & Photos!

This was a day I had been anticipating for years, and it finally happened. I finally saw Bloc Party! We headed downtown on Tuesday for their session at Sugar Beach, and I have to admit, the anxiety completely kicked in. They played two of their songs off their latest album

Memento: Autographed Temper Trap Ticket

Check out this FAN-tastic memento! [youtube] I got this signed charm prior to Temper Trap's session at Sugar Beach! For more photos of Temper Trap, click here. Also be sure to check out this interview with the band! Alicia Atout