Getting Cozy With: Pleasure House

Pleasure House

Hello AMBY. Pleasure to meet you. Do you come here often? We are Alex, James, Jon, & Abbas from Birmingham, UK and together we make Pleasure House. We write songs for you to dance to, songs to make you forget that you’re sad, and songs that help you get wasted. Imagine if The

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Say Yes

  If you’ve seen Say Yes play live, you’d understand that this band is packed full of talent. With a number of years in the industry and a handful of successful projects behind them, they know how to make a great album- and they’ve done just that. With the new EP out, AMBY

Sunday, April 14th, 2013: Wicked Weekend Playlist

Wicked Weekend Playlist

We have an outstanding playlist for you today featuring a ton of new music, new bands, and even some new videos in the mix! It's wicked, it's on a weekend, and it's a playlist... It's AMBY's Wicked Weekend Playlist! Enjoy! X Coastal Cities- Entropic Pan Aurora- Digital Bliss Last Good Tooth- What's