Memento: Autographed Temper Trap Ticket

Check out this FAN-tastic memento! [youtube] I got this signed charm prior to Temper Trap's session at Sugar Beach! For more photos of Temper Trap, click here. Also be sure to check out this interview with the band! Alicia Atout

Monday, August 20th, 2012: Singles Playlist

A lot of the time we want a solid playlist where we can sit down, read or draw, and not have to get up to change a track. We found that singles tend to make excellent candidates for this mood! Here are some singles where the band's song is so

Temper Trap: Concert Review, Interview & Photos!

"Treading the ground, I once used to know. People are strangers, the same as before. The streets look familiar, I remember the park- where I buried my head so deep in my hands all around me was dark." What a fantastic show. On Tuesday there was a great crowd in Toronto