Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Cape Race

Manchester gems The Cape Race have been busy as of late. Having just released their new single Digging For Gold and preparing for the release of their upcoming debut album for later this year, I am predicting a breakout year for this fab quintet. Perennial faves of AMBY staffer Fi,

Playlisted: Then and Now


I love it when I find a new band, only to discover that they are not exactly new. Just new to me. I scroll through their SoundCloud and find music added a year or more ago. I scroll back to the top and see music added just this month. Even

Let Me Introduce You To… The Cape Race

I have a love hate relationship with Manchester band The Cape Race and it's not because myself and lead singer David Moloney support rival football teams! Whilst I love their music dearly I very rarely get the chance to hear it live, for a band of their stature this is