Live at Playlisted!


Live gigs come with an energy all their own. The band is energized by the crowd; the crowd by the band. New songs are tried; old ones are demanded. The bands grow, the fans want more. The relationship between the band and the crowd has always fascinated me. The quality

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The ClockTower

The ClockTower are creating their collective sound by combining Brit-pop and mod vibes together... Brit-pod? Well, whatever you'd like to call it, the outcome of their music will always be more than admirable. But a genre is just a genre without talented band members coming together to create some commendable

NBT & AMBY’s Must Hear Submissions: #12

From all the wonderful submissions NEXTBiGTHING & A Music Blog, Yea? have gathered so far, here are a few to check out! Be sure to contact us to see your band here soon too! Band: The Uptights Track We Really Dig: Liar Band:  The Clocktower Track We Really Dig: Suberbia Skies Band: Cold Shoulder Track