“The Vibe” Play AMBY A Song!

The Vibe

I'm pretty sure we've made it clear that we're big fans of alternative-Britpop group The Vibe! Soon to release their new EP EYES on July 13th, we thought the timing was perfect to show everyone this band's talent! Have a look as The Vibe give AMBY an exclusive video of

Playlisted: Blown Away!


There is no shortage of good music around. On a daily basis I listen to many new artists. But, once in a while I come across a song that makes me sit back and say "wow!". Every song has something to offer. And, every song impacts people in different ways.

EXCLUSIVE NEW TRACK: The Vibe – “The Smoker”

The Vibe have offered up a whack of great singles, and are about to unleash their latest one, The Smoker. Whether it's Fake Skin, Sixty Two, or The Smoker, you'll instantly know it's The Vibe. The Smoker shows how the band has matured and furthermore established their trademark sound with a