Getting Cozy With: Polar States

Polar States

Somewhere on a street corner, there’s a gang with a few cans, a smoke, and a dream.Somewhere in a terraced house there’s a man who worked all his life just to give his wife and kids a decent state of being.Somewhere in the heart of one of the roughest estates

Recap: Superb Exclusives – Play AMBY A Song Part 4

The Thespians

We've had some absolutely incredible exclusive videos hosted on A Music Blog, Yea?. To celebrate, we're running a weekly recap to highlight our exclusive Play AMBY A Song videos. Indulge yourselves in the bands' talent! Plum- Death Comes With A Bow Alistair Sheerin- Start Again The Thespians- The Crash The Vibe- Wise Man This Harbour-

AMBY LIST | Favourite songs of 2013

2013 has been an exciting year for music! We're glad and proud to have been a part of celebrating the new releases, and cannot wait to see what 2014 has in store for us. So, until the new year, here's a list of some of our favourite releases of 2013. Kodaline

The Thespians // Ticket and Vinyl Giveaway

The Thespians

The Thespians' next Liverpool headline show will be at Korova Club on September 28th! Courtesy of the band, AMBY is giving away a pair of tickets to this gig, plus a vinyl of Under Siege! To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is fill out the form below and

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Thespians


The Thespians are wonderful people making garage rock mixed with some elements of punk. The four-piece band from Liverpool have a fantastic set of songs, they have released their album Haven’t You Heard in March 2013 through Vinyl Junkie Records in Japan. At the moment, The Thespians are touring the

Concert Review // X&Y Festival

X&Y Festival // Liverpool // 07.07.13. I’ve pretty much moved in to the East Village Arts Club since it recently reopened its doors catching both its opening weekend shows and a fair few gigs since, so I was pretty excited to see it named as the host for day two of

Concert Review // X&Y Festival in Liverpool

X&Y Festival in Liverpool: a two day event that showcases the many up and coming bands from all over the country.The first day of X&Y Festival kicks off on a sunny Liverpool afternoon. The day consisted of bands taking over the o2 academy, both upstairs and downstairs stages being rocked

“The Thespians”

The Thespians

Hey guys! I think The Thespians are a great band and I've been wanting to do something on them for a while now. Anyway I was looking up the meaning of the word thespian and I somehow ended up finding imagery of Greek statues, this was were the idea started to

Playlisted: Topsy Turvy


I've had a pretty crazy week. Starting from what can only be described as an ordinary day, the past few have been a Topsy Turvy mix. Inspired by the chaos of life, I am pleased to pass along that chaos reflected by music. Each song is a gem. Each one

Live at Playlisted!


Live gigs come with an energy all their own. The band is energized by the crowd; the crowd by the band. New songs are tried; old ones are demanded. The bands grow, the fans want more. The relationship between the band and the crowd has always fascinated me. The quality