Getting Cozy With: The Sherpas

The Sherpas

Hi we’re The Sherpas and we would just like to say hello to all the readers of A Music Blog, Yea?. The Sherpas are a five piece band from Exeter, Devon and we met whilst studying music at the local college. Our latest EP ‘ Everybody Freeze, Everybody Get Down’ was released

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Xprime


It's been a crazy summer for the guys of Xprime! They packed in a new album, an epic radio contest, a slew of great covers and an endless amount of energy. Before heading to Toronto for what was sure to be one of the biggest nights for the band so

Getting Cozy With: The Rooz

The Rooz

Hello AMBY! Hello Canada! The Rooz here. First of all, we are Louis Coupe (17 - Lead Vocals, Piano, Guitar), Ralph Porrett (14 - Lead Guitar, B.Vocals), Tom Russell (17 - Drums), and Peter Davis (18 - Bass) and we're from sleepy Shropshire in the UK. We like to play loud, innovative, energetic Rock

Giveaway: Win a The Concetines t-shirt

The Concetines

Leeds' indie-alternative foursome The Concetines released their new infectious single Home on May 25 as a free download. Courtesy of the band, we're giving away two t-shirts to two lucky fans to celebrate its release! Be sure to catch the band live at their upcoming Leeds or Barnsley shows, and

Getting Cozy With… The Doctorates!

We are the unmistakable clang of Joe Strummer swinging a Telecaster into the face of the Gallagher brothers. We are the uncompromising roar of adolescence and the unflinching result of boredom in the countryside. We are three teenagers with no desire to get proper jobs. We are The Doctorates. With an

Getting Cozy With… Unbroken Expanse!

Unbroken Expanse

G’day AMBY and Canadian lovers of music! We’re Unbroken Expanse, a groove rock band from the desert of Northern Territory, Australia. Between the four of us; Chris, Jimmi, Jason and Chris, we throw handfuls of rock, punk, groove, blues and psychobilly at an aural canvas and toast to what sticks. We love

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: “Ded Rabbit” Play AMBY A Song

Ded Rabbit

Edinburgh alternative funk quartet Ded Rabbit is comprised of brothers Eugene, Fergus, Eoin and Donal Gaine. When getting cozy with Ded Rabbit back in October, they noted how they "absorbed everything from The Beatles and Hendrix to Queens of the Stone Age and threw in some early house and electronic