Gimme Your Answers: A Video Interview w/ Ria Mae

Ria Mae

While at CBC Music Festival in Toronto, AMBY had the pleasure of meeting up with singer and songwriter Ria Mae. With the recent release of her new album, it was the perfect time to host an exclusive interview with this rising pop artist. Learn more about Mae in our latest

Getting Cozy With: Billy Momo

Billy Momo

Dear reader. Don't pay no mind to this Billy Momo character. He's not that real anyhow. He's just in those Swedes heads, really. He first turned up in the minds of Tomas Juto and Oskar Hovell - two Swedish gents in their prime years - as they had gone to an

Getting Cozy With: The Reasn

The Reasn

I’m a vintage pop artist from Missouri who loves God, music, women, and alcohol. Obviously these things don’t go together, but they make for great songs! My musical influences stretch from Marvin Gaye to The Beatles to Sly & The Family Stone and 2 Chainz etc. My first single “Better”

Getting Cozy With: Glenn Godfrey

Glenn Godfrey

Hey hey hey everyone!! Firstly I want to say a massive thank you to AMBY for this feature!!! So, my name is Glenn Godfrey and I’m an original UK based artist and if I had to categorise my music I would say Urban/Pop. All the music is produced by me (with a

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Erin Barra

Erin Barra

Singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, and talented multi-instrumenatlist Erin Barra took the time out of her busy schedule to speak with A Music Blog, Yea?. Recently, Erin Barra started Beats By Girlz, a "non-traditional, creative and educational recording-arts campaign in cooperation with the Lower Eastside Girl’s Club of New York." With