“Harts” Plays AMBY A Song

It's safe to say that one of my favourite artists I've been introduced to through AMBY is Melbourne's Harts. Running AMBY gives me the pleasure of working with tons of talented people daily, and this solo artist is a one-man music-making machine! You will be blown away by his talent.

Getting Cozy With… Delamere!

Hello there, we're Delamere, a four piece alternative/indie band from stoke on Trent, we consist of; James Fitchford, Tom Green, Will Mason and Ashley Egerton. We've been together just over 12 months and have released two singles, Vampire and Heart. We have shared stages with the likes of Palma Violets,

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Harts

Harts' music holds a funky groove set to kill. We like to call Harts our favourite electronindie artist. With dynamic vocals full of soul, sprinkled sounds of 80s electro-pop, and those little, unpredictable touches of synth, Harts will instantly become a musical love of yours. We're really excited to show